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Bo Bristle beers are Irish crafted, 100% natural beers brewed by hand in small batches. Bo Bristle's mission is simple: to bring you the exceptional beer you deserve.


The Bo Bristle Way

Our beers are hand-crafted in our brewery in Banagher, Co. Offaly. We brew using a traditional process with only the finest ingredients. Follow the story of your pint below.
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Malting gives our beer its flavour, body, head retention and alcohol content, so it’s pretty important! The barley is firstly soaked and then germinated to convert the insoluble starches into sugars that the yeast converts

into alcohol.


Here in our mash tun, hot water is added to the malt to create a cereal mash. During the mash, the starch from the malt is converted into natural fermentable sugars, which feeds the yeast. This

sugar rich liquid

is called wort.


This is where the wort is boiled with hops to add the ‘seasoning’ to the beer. The hops combined with the malt give the beer its flavour, aroma and bitterness. We add the hops to the boil in stages ensuring the flavour and aroma aren’t lost.


Beer wouldn’t be quite so enticing without one key ingredient – alcohol! Yeast is now added and left to ferment for days so that its contents metabolize into alcohol. We now finally have our beer and, like ourselves, it now needs

to mature.

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The maturation process is key to creating a successful brew. After fermentation, the beer is stored in conditioning tanks for just long enough to allow the complex flavours of Bo 
Bristle to develop, and until sufficient maturation has occurred.



Yeast, tannins and large proteins contribute both to off flavors and haze in a beer. Filtering accelerates the process by removing them in minutes instead of weeks or months, time better spent drinking!



Our beers are then filled into bottles and kegs and labelled with our distinctive boar’s head. Now we’re ready to go. Visit the ‘Have a Drop’ section to discover where you can get your hands on a Bo Bristle brew today.



Once the kegs and bottles are filled with the beer, it is at its freshest. So we quickly send it out to the pubs and off licences who stock Bo Bristle. Look out for Bo next time you’re craving a craft beer of distinction and enjoy!