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Bo Bristle beers are Irish crafted, 100% natural beers brewed by hand in small batches. Bo Bristle's mission is simple: to bring you the exceptional beer you deserve.


latest news

Bo Bristle T-shirts and Hoodies have arrived!

18 Feb

Navy Tee
































Did you check out last week’s edition of Totally Dublin? Might have seen a “Beer of the Month” spotlight on yours truly…

In other exciting news, is anybody looking for Bo Bristle gear? We’ve got some great new t-shirts and (ridiculously warm) hoodies available!

Bo Bristle t-shirt – €25
Bo Bristle hoodie – €40

We’re accepting email orders at this time: give Heather a shout at heather@bobristle.com and she’ll sort you out!


Review in the Irish Examiner

05 Feb

Big thanks to journalist Leslie Williams of the Irish Examiner for including us in his “Beer of the Week” column. Leslie wrote:

“The Amber Ale is brewed using American citrus hops and malted barley and is amber in colour, with citrus and spice aromas. Mellow and complex on the palate with a good, spicy, bitter kick on the finish.”

He also reviews wine for the publication. Check out more of his work here: http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/foodanddrink/wine.

Weddings + Craft Beer

17 Jan

Our head brewer (and co-owner) Andy is getting married, lads! In honour of this event, here’s a quick rundown of a few ways to introduce craft beer into the biggest party of your life:

1. Craft beer is an excellent alternative to wine.

Although wine is delicious, not everyone appreciates the compulsory red wine hangover the day after celebrating your union. Craft beer is a higher-quality alternative to the boring old brews anybody can get down at their local pub. Make your reception special by tickling your guests’ taste buds, and maybe even creating a few new beer geeks!

2. Bottles of craft beer are cute and tasty wedding favours.

Because honestly, who needs another engraved matchbook? You can even print up your own customised wedding labels.

3. Beer-themed decorations are unique and lend instant cool to your reception.

Be honest; we’ve all attended the same wedding a million times. Make yours special and memorable with something different, like beer bottle centrepieces or even incorporating fresh hops into your wedding. We’ve even seen a few hop bouquets!

4. Having good beer as an element of your wedding makes for ridiculously cool pictures.

Seriously, take 5 minutes to search “craft beer wedding” on Pinterest and you’ll turn up some gold.


Overall, artisan beer is a cool and different way to get your wedding guests good ‘n festive. Congratulations to our own Andy and Barbara, and to any other craft beer geeks with upcoming nuptials!

See? A beer wedding toast.















Credit Photo: Mark Sebastian, Creative Commons, http://www.markjsebastian.com/

Our Gorgeous New Mobile Bar

08 Jan

Did we ever show you our new super-cool mobile bar? No? Well, HERE IT IS:

mobile bar



At the Offaly Delicious Christmas Market











This beauty is now sitting in the front office in the Bo Brewery in its down time, and it sure does brighten up the place. We’re looking forward to taking it to festivals and events, so we can serve our bottled and draught beers in style. Thanks to the Offaly Enterprise Board for making it possible.

Nice Way to End 2013

03 Jan

Because everybody likes positive feedback, right?

Móna from WiseWords, a food/drink + lifestyle blog out of Galway, tried our Amber Ale and called it: “Full of hops and body. Great personality in every bottle.”

Alex from Beermack says of our American Brown Ale (which made a cameo at the Irish Craft Beer and Festival, if you missed out): “Full of thick pine resin and huge sticky caramel. A brute. Brilliant stuff that I hope won’t remain as a ‘festival one-off’.” Cheers Alex, the American Brown Ale just might see a comeback at some point… that’s all I can say for now!

Both authors operate very cool blogs. You can find Alex’s “Golden Pints of 2013” post here, and Móna’s “Mmmmmmm… Beer” wrap-up here. Thanks guys, we always like to hear we’re doing a good job!

Bo Bristle Now On Instagram

21 Nov

Bo Bristle now has an Instagram! We’re all about making beer (and drinking it), and now we can document our exploits in photos and share them with fellow Bo fanatics. Join us at http://instagram.com/bobristle.

Hunt the Boar by Irish Beer Snob

02 Nov









Irish Beer Blogger,   Wayne:Beer Snob reviews our  Bo Bristle Amber Ale here.



Bo Bristle recommended by Georgina Campbell

26 Apr




Bo Bristle are proud to announce that our microbrewery, producing Irish craft beer, has been independently assessed and approved for recommendation by ‘Georgina Campbell’s’ Ireland.


Georgina Campbell Guides is a family-run, hospitality guide & cookbook publishers with a big reputation, that specialises in Irish food, hospitality & travel. Ireland’s leading independent hospitality guide will lead you to the very best places to eat, drink & stay wherever you are on the island of Ireland.


Each year Georgina and her husband, the sailing journalist and author W.M. Nixon – who writes the County Introductions for the Guide, and supplies many of the photographs – lead a team of fellow food writers and other qualified hospitality professionals who travel incognito to every county in Ireland checking that standards in recommended establishments are still up to scratch while also seeking out new recommendations that their readers will enjoy, ultimately providing a comprehensive critical coverage for the entire country

Bo Bristle launches new website

17 Jan

We have just launched our new website which we think is pretty damn smart! Big thanks to in Creative Inc who designed the brand and site and who kept us on our toes throughout the process…great work and hopefully the start of something very exciting for Bo Bristle beers!

Bo Bristle now available in selected outlets.

12 Dec

We are pleased to announce that the Bo is now available in a number quality beer outlets in Dublin and further afield. Look out for the distinctive boars head…coming soon to a pub near you!

  • Bull & Castle Dublin
  • Shanahans Restaurant Dublin
  • Magpie Inn Dalkey
  • Derg Inn Terryglass
  • The Fatted Calf Glasson

Bo Bristle launches at Craft Beer Festival, RDS

22 Sep

Our new Irish craft beer brand launched last September at the Irish Craft Beer Festival which provides craft beer lovers a unique insight into the Irish craft brewing scene and an opportunity to meet the brewers and sample over 70 types of beers and ciders. The beer was very well received and we had to brew around the clock to keep up the demand. Not a drop was left by the last day of the festival which was a great sign. Thanks to the guys in Creative Inc who came along to support us!